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personal injury


Dylan Nair Solicitors Ltd give you as much FREE advice as you need to help you decide whether or not you can make a claim. It would be better if you contact us as soon as you can, as we will need your help to ensure that we can preserve the evidence you may need.

Suffering from an injury is not only painful but it can also be extremely frustrating when you know you were not to blame. If you have been injured in the last three years, Dylan Nair Solicitors Ltd can ensure you receive the medical care you require and the compensation you deserve.

Dylan Nair Solicitors Ltd use specialist No Win No Fee personal injury solicitors, so if your claim is not successful you will never be asked to pay a success fee. This is because your solicitor will be paid by the person who caused the accident, not by you.

Making a Personal Injury Claim with Dylan Nair Solicitors Ltd could not be simpler. Simply call us on 0800 0855 633 and we will call you back free of charge to explain the process to you.

Our specialist solicitors will provide you with as much free advice as you need to enable you to fully understand your rights. Remember, our No Win No Fee solicitors will never charge you a fee, even if you lose!

Some interesting information for you…What is this thing called Personal Injury? “Personal injury” (those famous words on the television and numerous advertisements) is the term used to describe an injury sustained by a person.

It includes whiplash, neck and shoulder pain, leg pain and just about any pain you can think of. It includes broken bones, fractures, sprains and cuts and bruises. And it can really hurt.

A personal injury can be minor in nature or much more severe.

The Dylan Nair Solicitors Ltd legal team will need to speak to you to give you some proper advice on what you are likely to receive so get in touch, for free.There is a time limit for Making a Personal Injury Claim ( Known as the limitation period under the Limitation Act 1980)For all of us grown ups out there we have 3 years from the date of the accident in which to make a claim.
For children the three year period does NOT start until their 18th Birthday so they have until the age of 21 to make a claim even if the accident happened when they were 6 years old!!

FREE ADVICE Dylan Nair Solicitors Ltd are happy to give you as much free advice as you need to help you decide whether or not you can make a claim. It would be better if you contact us as soon as you can, as evidence may need to be preserved.

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Useful Information

How long does it take?
We will try to conclude your claim as quickly as we can. Remember as your claim is being carried out on a no win no fee basis our legal team will not be paid until after they have got you your compensation. They have some strong motivation to make things move as quick as possible.

How much Compensation will I get?
It is actually impossible to give you an exact amount of what you will get, so anyone who guarantees you an amount probably shouldn’t be.

Different factors will determine what you receive and the best time to actually ask your solicitor what you are likely to receive is when you have received your report from the medical expert who will examine you.

You will get compensation for the injuries you receive and you will also receive a payment for any other losses such as for lost earnings, medical treatment, travelling expenses.

Exceptions to the time limit
There are exceptions to the time limit, usually if you suffer an illness which you do not know about. You will have longer to make a claim if you can show that you could not have reasonably known you had suffered an illness and will be given 3 years to make a claim from the date you knew or were diagnosed with the illness. Such illnesses can include deafness and asbestosis (caused by lack of protective equipment supplied by your employer even if this was years ago)

If a person you know has died within the three year period, their relatives can make a claim within three years from the date of their death.

Finally you could be given an extra amount of time to claim by the courts.

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